Chris Brown and Drake Fought Over Rihanna But Neglected to Call Her After London Fire


After the New York City club fight between Chris Brown and Drake over Rihanna, all eyes have been on San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker, who resulted injured from the brawl and is suing the club owner for $20 million.

But oddly, the object of desire (singer Rihanna) has been under the radar even though she started the fight between the two hip hop machos whom she allegedly dated. 

And, while Brown and Drake go back and forth between cooperating with police and doing damage control, Rihanna is reportedly upset because neither one of the guys who are willing to throw bottles in her name called her after she escaped a fire at a London hotel. 

Rihanna was rushed out of the Corinthia Hotel, in Whitehall, around 6 a.m, where about 300 hotel guests were evacuated from the five star place. The incident made it to Instagram -- via Twitter -- prompting messages of love and solidarity from thousand of fans around the world (but not from Drake or Chris Brown).

A spokesman for the hotel explained that the fire started at approximately 6.30am when one of the service elevator motors "burnt out" activating the highly sensible fire alarms. As a matter of procedure, the fire department was called to carry out full safety procedures.

In the meantime, and on the other side of the pond, Brown and Drake still need to decide if they'd accept an offer from celebrity boxing promoter Damon Feldman who offered $1 million to each rapper in order to resolve their differences on the ring on a pay-per-view live event from Las Vegas. 

Feldman also suggested Rihanna could be present at the match, though it is unknown if the idea is more of a bad joke as Ri Ri was beat by Brown and a both a restraining and probation order still hang over Brown's record.

But Rihanna, who luckily is safe and sound, has her own "Rude Boy" on Jay-Z, who is accompanying the singer around her European tour.