Libertarian Obamacare Summary: SCOTUS Welcomes You to the United States of Massachusetts


Welcome to the United States of Massachusetts!

Finally, all Americans join the ranks of we humble Bay Staters, under the new national health care mandate. Your superclass of wealthy and well-connected DC bureaucrats have decided that they know what’s better for you than you. Meaning, if you do not have health care, you will be forced to buy it, or else suffer a hefty fine. In addition, you will lose what little privacy and sense of autonomy you have left. 

This is how it works in my state: First a person must provide the government with information regarding everything in the person’s life, down to the minutest details, including what make and model car one drives. This is so the tax man knows the maximum amount that can be squeezed from the middle class man, just short of ruining him financially and thus reducing his productivity as a tax cow. (On this note, a middle class worker must turn out his pockets on a regular basis, but the Federal Reserve is granted secrecy. A semi-private megabank is freer than you!)

Here in Western Mass, small pockets of our ever-diminishing middle class are given the privilege of paying out the nose for a law concocted by wealthy Bostonian politicians. To a person like Mitt Romney, father of the health care mandate, the amount needed to be paid is a pittance. But to the working class, it is the difference between falling into government dependence, and just barely staying afloat. Whether intentionally or by accident, the health care mandate is a law designed to increase the disparity between rich and poor. The national mandate is the same, in that it is a law written by the rich, and placed on the backs of the middle class. How appropriate that the 2012 presidential race is between two advocates of an identical policy.

Finally, one must consider the most important failure of Obamacare: that it is yet another step backwards, away from personal liberty, and into the total government control of the 20thcentury. The individual may now be forced, by federal decree, to buy a product they do not want. They can also be taxed for inactivity! The rights to life, liberty, and property be damned it seems, for a small group of senior citizens has decided that aggressive action against peaceful individuals is morally acceptable. When is it ever okay to force a person to buy a good, lest you forcibly take their wallet? Apparently, when pro-mandate politicians say so. 

Massachusetts residents have managed to scrape by under the health care mandate, aided by the fact that the state was already a post-industrial medical capital before the law; but the rest of the nation will not have such a benefit. Americans can now look forward to increased costs as insurance companies price gouge, already nonexistent privacy, and reduced liberty.