Nicki Minaj's Powerful New Song Is Also Her Most Emotional Work Yet


Over the last couple of months, Nicki Minaj has managed to rebrand herself as queen of the rap game. And with her latest single, she's revealed a new side of herself as a writer. "Bed of Lies" may be Minaj's most emotional and personal song yet.

This has been Minaj's season. In the run-up to her new album, The Pinkprint, she's released some of the most talked-about songs of the year. First, there was the heavy "Pills N Potions." Then came the aggressive rap of "Anaconda." After that she went hardcore and provocative on her last cut, "Only," most famous for its problematic video. Now "Bed of Lies" is deepening her public persona to a whole new level.

The song is a contemplative breakup anthem, potentially about the same failed relationship as "Pills N Potions." Minaj calls out her ex-lover for a tumultuous relationship, revealing a rare vulnerability. 

"When the tears roll down it's like you ain't even notice 'em / If you had a heart, I was hoping that you would show it some," she raps. It's a strikingly different tone than most of her previous raps, which are generally more boastful and fiery. But the confessional tone in "Bed of Lies" fits its complex subject.

"I don't think any of these songs could have been on my last album," Minaj recently told Rolling Stone. "I've grown as a writer. I'm braver in terms of speaking about things I didn't feel comfortable sharing two years ago."

Minaj's growth shows. The Pinkprint  is set to be the biggest show of her diversity as an artist to date. When the album drops Dec. 15, it will finally reveal what's beneath Minaj's pop veneer: One of the most compelling artists we have.