Obamacare Ruling: Republicans Blame George Bush (Satire)


It's George Bush's fault! Now, after years of Democrats' blaming Bush for everything from unemployment to the suffering economy to housing prices, Republicans are now joining leftist ranks and blaming Bush for the Obamacare ruling the Supreme Court announced on Thursday. Sure, it took almost four years, but now Republicans are on board with the "blame Bush" mantra that Democrats have made so popular. Now they say that if it weren't for Bush, then Obamacare would not have passed because Chief Justice John Roberts, who ended up being the swing vote, would not have been on the court in the first place.

When asked how the decision was Bush's fault, as most Republicans currently in office had voted for Roberts' appointment to the bench, one Republican said, "I voted for Roberts to support President Bush. It's still Bush's fault for bringing him up for nomination! I can't be blamed for that!"

Another Republican had this to say: "Just because I voted to put Chief Justice Roberts on the bench doesn't mean I am to blame. In reality, President Bush is the one to blame since he put Chief Justice Roberts' name out there in the first place."

Several hours after the Obamacare ruling came out and Republican leaders met to discuss how they should proceed, Speaker of the House John Boehner held a press conference and stated: "Today marks a day where both parties can now come together in bipartisanship with one unified message. It's Bush's fault!" Boehner then walked off the stage, saying nothing further.