People Like Us Trailer, Review, and That Awkward Moment When Blockbuster Tries to Go Indie


Alex Kurtzman’s drama opens today in theaters starring Chris Pine (The Princess Diaries 2) as Sam, a twenty-something salesman, whose latest deal collapses on the day he learns that his father has suddenly died.

Cue that awkward moment when the fast-talking millennial just wants to continue with its life in the big city but is forced to return home and deal the tragedy and an estranged family who insists he should fulfill his father's last wish.

Then, things get more awkward when Sam discovers he has 30-year-old sister, Frankie – Elizabeth Banks (The Hunger Games) – who in the course of developing a life-changing relationship with the family manages to shed a tear (or two) from the captive audience.  

Most definitely, a long way since Transformers and Cowboys and Angels, which were also written by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. And, while one can appreciate artists’ versatility, it is somewhat unsettling jumping from special effects designed foran Imax 3D experience to a teary story of personal emotions – inspired in the lives of the very same guys who brought to the big screens the autobots of our childhoods.