Watch the First Trailer for the First Full-Length 'Peanuts' Movie

While it's hard to imagine anything topping the classic Peanuts cartoons of the '60s, it looks like we're about to find out. On Tuesday FOX released the first trailer for the upcoming Peanuts movie in which Snoopy, Charlie and the rest of the gang will make their big-screen debut. 

Take a look:

The trailer says the movie is "coming 2015," but the exact date is unclear — as is whether the film will focus on a holiday (like Christmas) or take the Peanuts into new directions. 

But if Snoopy's high-flying chase through Paris in this trailer is any indication, audiences should be prepared for almost anything. And while the CGI animation might feel like an uneasy departure from the comic strip's well-known 2D roots, the familiar jazz sounds of the Vince Guaraldi Trio should make even the most diehard fan feel at home.