Euro 2012: Mario Balotelli, Racially Bashed, Could Have the Last Laugh at UEFA 2012


He was racially-bashed at the beginning of UEFA 2012 and is constantly mocked for everything from his hairstyle to the lack of celebration when he scores a goal, meet Mario Balotelli Italy’s most controversial player. 

And it seems that Balotelli , the Manchester City player who also – and wearing Italy’s legendary azzurra jersey – defeated Euro 2012's big time favorite Germany to advance his team to the finals against current champion Spain.

Balottelli made headlines at the beginning of the European tournament when, after being racially bashed along with other black players from different countries, saw himself vindicated as the FIFA fined UEFA for the abuses endured by Balotelli.

But the last laugh may still awaiting Balottelli as the Italian-born soccer maverick – who is of Ghanaian descent, and is also one of the first black players making the Italian national team – will have the chance to take away the title from Spain. Will he celebrate then?

Meet Mario Balotelli:

"I will bring you down pretty boy!"

"I didn't do anything!"

"Shut up! I got this" 

"B*tch, I'm fabulous"

 "I said MOVE!"

"Are you talking to me?"

"Are you serious?"

"Hey Rihanna, I'm your rude boy"

"Chill out dude, I told you I got this"


"So, are you on Instagram?"

"Ronaldo who?"


"Let's start a party baby!"