Take a Look at Your First Glimpse of the New 'Jurassic World' Movie

More than 14 years since we last saw dinosaurs roam the Earth and 21 years since we first set our eyes on the reimagined world, it's finally time to once again say "Welcome to Jurassic Park." 

On Sunday, Universal Studios released the very first teaser trailer for the upcoming Jurassic World  movie, set to open June 12, 2015 and take place 22 years after the original film (which is exactly how long it will actually have been). 

Take a look:

It is just a teaser trailer and doesn't reveal a ton, but we do get to see very awesome looking dinosaur-safari equipment, a technology-surrounded Bryce Dallas Howard and a very worried-looking Chris Pratt. Plus, the teaser confirms that the first full trailer can be expected on Thanksgiving Thursday during football coverage on NBC. We'll have to wait until then, but in the meantime, it's great to be back — hopefully, just like in the first film, they've "spared no expense."

h/t Gizmodo