Who Said It: Chuck Hagel or Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel?


Chuck Hagel, a former Republican senator from Nebraska, announced Monday that he is stepping down as secretary of defense in President Barack Obama's administration. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel was a German philosopher, generally regarded as the intellectual godfather of Marxism and continental philosophy, who died in 1836. Both have similar last names and broad, often operatic takes on international relations.

1. "There is no glory in war, only suffering."

2. "Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion."

3. "World history is a court of judgment."

4. "Engagement is not appeasement. Engagement is not surrender."


5. "Nations, great nations have limitations. All nations have limitations. Even great powers have limitations."

6. "We must avoid the traps of hubris and imperial temptation that comes with great power." 

7. "Mere goodness can achieve little against the power of nature."

8. "Institutions are imperfect. Governments surely are. People are."


9. "Governments have never learned anything from history, or acted on principles deducted from it."

10. "Genuine tragedies in the world are not conflicts between right and wrong. They are conflicts between two rights."

Hagel: 1,4,5,6,8