7 Most Pathetic Cristiano Ronaldo Flops


With a loss last Wednesday, Cristiano Ronaldo and the rest of the Portuguese team left the UEFA Euro Cup once again without a gold medal. The closest they have come to the championship trophy was in 2004, when they hosted the contest and won the silver, losing to Greece in the final.

With only one match left to be played, it is only appropriate to look back at the best dives and flops of this year’s tournament. However, since these videos have not been posted yet, why not compile a list of the best dives and flops of our favorite footballer Cristiano Ronaldo?


I don’t know what the sideline referee, here, has against the Ivoirians. He is clearly not even paying attention.


Once again, Cristiano gets away with flopping on no contact. At least Frank Lampard laughs at his ridiculous dive.


Thankfully, Cristiano is unsuccessful on this attempt, as he takes the “I am going to push you and then fall on top of you” method of trying to earn a penalty kick.


Instead of trying to score a goal, Cristiano decides to attempt to win a penalty kick by tripping on himself.


Just shoot the ball instead of going for a penalty kick!


Is this a joke? He barely touched you.


Finally! Not only does the defender not get carded, but Cristiano gets punished for his flop.

Cristiano, although a flopper, is still one of the best players to ever play the sport. He, unfortunately, will have to wait til 2014 to try again at a gold medal in Brazil.

Tune into ESPN at 2:45 to see whether Italy or reigning Euro Cup and World Cup Champions Spain will take the crown.