Striking Photos of Genderqueer People Highlight the Beautiful Fluidity of Gender


What does it look like to be gender queer?

Ultimately, one of the most beautiful parts of the identity is its flexibility. "You can have a feminine, masculine or androgynous presentation and still identify as gender queer or gender fluid, etc. You could be assigned female at birth, transition to male and not identify as 'trans,'" Naz notes. "These are decisions you make, and you have every right to change your mind about how you choose to identify. It’s your life. Live it how you choose.”

Indeed, gender-queer individuals actively encourage community and interaction, as forming personal relationships is one of the most effective way to decipher someone’s chosen identity. While becoming more and more of a rarity in our social media-driven society, this trend allows for freedom of expression.

Hopefully, people who look at these photos and read through Naz's book will come away with a better understanding of this vibrant group of people.

"You can be who you want to be, and be tolerant and understanding of others and how they present themselves," Naz told Mic. "The essays by Morty Diamond, Jiz Lee, Jenny Factor, Ignacio Rivera and Sarah Burghauser in the book help to explain gender identity through personal experiences. I learned a lot while making the book. I hope others do, too."


All images courtesy of Dave Naz