Erin Andrews and Tom Cruise: All the Big Stories From Monday


Okay, I’ll admit it, work just isn’t my priority today. 

Then again after checking out Googles Top 20 searches, I’m sure I’m not alone. So without further delay, which of the following trending Google searches are you interested in today and why?

1. BET Awards 2012 2. NHL 3. Spain vs Italy Euro 2012 4. NASCAR 5. Tiger Woods 6. Pirate Bay 7. Nastia Liukin 8. Erin Andrews 9. Pepco 10. Tour de France 11. Instagram 12. Magic Mike 13. Adele 14. Tom Cruise 15. NBA draft 2012 16. Don Grady 17. Ann Curry 18. Obamacare 19. Nexus 7 20. Euro 2012

Being as I do not know anything about number 1 and 2, I’m interested in any and all comments.

But isn’t there some type of award show on every week? And what the heck is up in NHL that during a record American heat wave they are trending number 2?

Spain vs Italy is, I think, about a soccer game, not duelling banking crisis. 

NASCAR has something to do with driving very fast round and round or at least until somebody crashes, equivalent to the navigating the Washington beltway at slightly higher speeds.

Not quite sure of placement of Tiger Woods and Pirate Bay. One is a bootleg web site and the other is a golfer.

Nastia Liukin vs Erin Andrews makes for a nice pause in your day if you enjoy dancing. One was a 2008 Olympian, the other literally a Dancing With the Stars contestant who is heading to Fox as a sports caster.

Pepco and the Tour de France actually have a great deal in common. Both apparently will take forever to accomplish. Pepco is trying to get power back on and the Tour de France is trying to convince people their athletes are not still on power-enhancing substances.

Instagram vs Magic Mike has one major common factor: big bucks. Always nice to see the little start-up or lower budget movie do well.

Adele is pregnant, and of course Tom did finally get someone pregnant, although now she wants a divorce.

NBA draft 2012 and Don Grady really don’t have anything in common other than in two years nobody may remember who the NBA drafted or was it Don or Dom Grady.

Ann Curry vs Obamacare isn’t a fair set of trends unless you want to consider the amount of people who continue to cry over the fate of both.

Nexus vs Euro 2012 is surprising to me. Why anyone would risk their sanity looking into either on a Monday is beyond my belief.

Oh well, those are my inane thoughts. Really look forward to hearing from you.