Chris Brown and Drake Fight Over Rihanna Could Spell the Death of Chris Brown


Well if there’s one thing that Chris Brown can do it’s sex me, and every other woman in the universe, up. Hurrraaayyy, just what I’ve wanted right? Not quite. After listening to Breezy’s latest album Fortune a 19-song album which will hit stores on July 3 and includes appearances by Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, and Nas, the following of "not quite" was really one of the only things that I could take away from it. 

With lukewarm production and beats, this album is pretty unremarkable, don’t get me wrong, it’s not horrible, it’s just okay. Some tracks are good for the club or for summer nights like the hit, Turn Up the Music, but nothing really stands out aside from his sexual one-liners, "I've got that pillow for you, baby, right here / Can you make it disappear?" 

The album plays it pretty safe, it contains much of the same techniques his other albums do as far as production and song topics. Even though he’s tried to change his image into a more “suave” and “electronic” one, but just take a look at his album cover -- he doesn’t seem to have really grown as an artist nor does this album seem like progress. His album lacks honesty and a connection with reality, he portrays this “lover” side of Chris Brown in his lyrics that we haven’t yet seen in real life Chris Brown. Instead we’ve seen his wild behavior, for one his altercation with Drake and his assault of Rihanna. There is a major disconnect between Brown’s musical image and his reality outside of the studio. If Team Breezy can’t smooth over this divide, his career is going to continue to plateau and instead of being the next Michael Jackson or Usher, as many hoped, Brown will disappear into the music history books.

Track Listing:

Turn up the Music Bassline Till I die Feat. Big Sean & Wiz Khalifa Mirage Feat. Nas Don’t Judge Me 2012 Biggest Fan Sweet Love Strip Feat. Kevin McCall Stuck on Stupid 4 Years Old Cadillac Feat. Sevyn Don’t Wake me up Trumpet Lights Feat. Sabrina Antionette


Tell Somebody Free Run Remember my Name Feat. Sevyn Wait for you Touch me Feat. Sevyn

Tracks to download: 'Don't Wake Me Up', 'Turn Up The Music', 'Till I Die'

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