'SNL' Combined 'The Office' and 'The Hobbit' — and the Results Were Absolutely Hilarious


On this week's Saturday Night Live, writers decided to play to host Martin Freeman's strengths by combining two of his best known roles: Tim Canterbury from BBC's The Office and Bilbo Baggins of The Hobbit.

The idea alone is enough to set up a hilarious sketch, but the execution was almost flawless as well. Take a look:

Rather than lampooning the more recent U.S. version of The Office, the sketch takes on the original British version, on which Freeman starred. From the deadpan talking heads to the hilariously out-of-it and basically useless boss, the sketch was comedy gold, perfectly combining the two well-known worlds. In fact, some of the jokes are actually taken almost word-for-word from the original pilot, with a few Middle Earth specifics thrown in of course.

Plus, it's kind of impossible to beat this hilarious Gollum/Gareth (Dwight in the U.S. version) mash-up:

h/t Uproxx