Facebook and Twitter Are Dominated By Women, But That Does Not Mean Feminism is Going Viral


If you didn’t know or hadn’t already had an idea, chicks rule social media. I’m serious, the majority of social media users are women, yet women don’t always get the credit they deserve. Though there are more women bloggers, tweeters, and Facebook users, women seem to have less influence. How is it that women aren’t always taken seriously in an industry that they dominate? It’s because even in social media a woman’s voice isn’t respected. People would still rather hear what men have to say instead of women. Newsweek recently compiled a list of the top ten “digital opinionists” and it featured only one woman, Arianna Huffington of the Huffington Post.

It’s my belief that very few people take women seriously. You could be one of the most intelligent women in your field and there’s still a pretty good chance that the “big boys” will just think your words are just cute and think you’re out of your league. Recently Rep. Barbara Byrum, (D-Onondaga) was banned from the Michigan House floor after she and fellow representative Lisa Brown, (D-West Bloomfield Township) were forbidden from speaking on an abortion bill. I totally agree with Rep. Byrum when she said, “This is not about choice. This is about the lack of respect for Women in Legislature.” Let’s be real, government is male dominated territory. It’s not just male dominated, but old male dominated. They can’t stand change, even when they’re good changes, but love getting richer and usually in improper ways.

The problem isn’t just in America, it’s worldwide. In Egypt, there used to be a quota of 64 women that the Parliament had to meet, until now. The quota has completely been done away with by Islamists, youth revolutionary coalitions, and political parties. It’s sad to think that a quota was needed in the first place, but now it’s gone completely making it ten times harder for female officials. It’s not that women aren’t fighting to be heard, it’s more that they’re being muzzled. It’s true that not all people disregard a woman’s opinion, but the majority of the ones who do are the ones who are in the position to make a change. Women may have been liberated a long time ago, but that doesn’t mean that everyone respects us. How can you allow us the opportunity to serve our people if you won’t listen to what we have to say? You’d rather neglect the citizens than listen to a woman. Will the old-boys’ network ever change?