Cards Against Humanity Actually Trolled 30,000 People With $6 Boxes of Poop


If someone tells you that you are purchasing a literal box full of poop, then maybe you should listen.

Approximately 30,000 people didn't listen, and on Black Friday bought a $6 item explicitly labeled as a box of "bullshit" from party game maker Cards Against Humanity. Perhaps they thought they'd actually be pleasantly surprised by some kind of gift, or maybe they thought they were just calling out Card Against Humanity's bluff.

But the game company wasn't bluffing, and now it has $180,000 while those 30,000 people have started receiving in the mail literal boxes of bullshit. 

To be entirely sure, LAist ordered one of the boxes and posted a verification unboxing on YouTube last week:

There you have it: This evil plot actually reached fruition. Leonardo DiCaprio's character in The Wolf Of Wall Street might be able to sell a pen, but even he couldn't sell so much crap for such a high markup.

The people who received this stinky package have no one to blame but themselves. Cards Against Humanity co-creator Max Temkin made it explicitly clear on Twitter that all anyone was getting was poop:

And even when people thought it was a joke, he assured them it was not.

As Gawker's Andy Cush points out, the shit-buyers still haven't learned their lesson. The plastic-wrapped crap boxes are now getting bids on Ebay, meaning that Cards Against Humanity has successfully established a small collector's market of people literally purchasing and selling poop. Congratulations, consumers, you really will buy cheap crap for no reason.

Still, Cards Against Humanity's trolling has a happy ending. Part of the company's explanation of the prank Wednesday revealed that the prank's profits were donated to Heifer International, to the tune of $6,000.

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