9 Proud Immigrants Who Will Restore Your Faith in America on July 4th


These 9 immigrants are proud to become U.S. citizens and show you why America is the greatest country on earth:

1) Joaquin Arciago Guzman

Joaquin Arciago Guzman is a 102-year-old Filipino-born military veteran who became a citizen earlier this year. He is pictured above taking the oath.

2) Anastasia Kofides

Anastasia Kofides emigrated from Greece in 1966, and is pictured above becoming an American citizen in 2009.

3) Numeriano Defensor

Numeriano Defensor is originally from the Philippines, and became an American citizen earlier this year. He is pictured kissing the American flag.

4) Muskerean Chandler

Muskerean Chandler, 2, became an American citizen in 2010. She is seen with her mother Nancy Swift, who is already an American citizen.

5) Gilles Marini

Gilles Marini, a French-born actor who appeared on Dancing With The Stars, also became naturalized earlier this year. He is pictured above at the citizenship ceremony.

6) Eliana Beach

Eliana Beach, originally from China, is seen below holding a flag and her certificate of citizenship. She became naturalized in 2010.

7) Service Men and Women

35 military service men and women were naturalized earlier this month aboard the USS Midway. They are seen below taking the oath.

8) Alma Cardona

Alma Cardona, a woman originally from El Salvador, tears up during the naturalization ceremony. She is pictured during the singing of "America the Beautiful."

9) Father and daughter Bereker Dabena and Gelila Begashaw

Father and daughter Bereker Dabena and Gelila Begashaw from Ethiopia became citizens in 2012. Gelila is seen above playing with two flags.