A Note to Our Readers About Commenting


Today, we removed the ability to comment on stories within the article page.

Our audience is having robust conversations on social media platforms around our stories. The passionate discussions we see on our Facebook page -- as well as the conversations our audience is having with our writers on Twitter -- are more productive and organized than what tends to happen in our comments section.

Rather than assigning team members to manage the comments on our site, we are investing our engineering and editorial resources in new products and storytelling formats that benefit our audience.

We want to encourage active dialogue about the stories we publish, and we'll continue to respond to audience comments and feedback. Please share your perspectives on our Facebook page or get in touch with our writers directly on Twitter

In addition, we hope you'll write us with feedback (feedback@mic.com), corrections (corrections@mic.com), or story ideas (submissions@mic.com). We look forward to hearing from you soon.

This post has been updated to reflect the different ways that our audience can participate in the conversation or offer feedback to editors and writers.