My Problems With the LGBT Community and the Way They Approach Their Mission


I believe the LGBT community should be afforded equal rights under our Constitution, but while I stand for equality, I also find many things quite disturbing within the gay community.

There are exceptions who I have met along the way, but for the most part, what I have seen in the LGBT community is people who feel the need to flaunt their sexuality as if it is something they want to proudly shove down others' throats. While I personally do believe that much of this is in response to the rejection, cruelty, and isolation that gays have experienced in the past from society, I still think it is pathetic.

Recently on Facebook, a friend of mine who is gay posted the following statement, “Whom I am attracted to as a partner has nothing to do with who I am as a person.” That statement sums up the attitude that I frankly think all people should have, regardless of their lifestyle choices as it pertains to sexuality. I am sure there are plenty of gays and lesbians who do not define themselves by their sexuality. However, the group that gets the most media attention seems to be overwhelmingly populated by those who “eat, breathe, sleep, and drink their sexuality.” 

Another major issue I have with the LGBT community is their frequent insistence that their lifestyle of homosexuality is not a choice. The LGBT community frequently argues that it is not a choice because there is no way anyone would ever choose a lifestyle that brings such rejection and ridicule. Whether or not the tendencies are inborn, the choice is up to them as to whether or not they decide to live the lifestyle of a homosexual person. I have a tendency that seems quite natural to me to want to choke the old lady that is taking too long at the checkout counter. I am sure quite many others like myself have that tendency, but most of us are not acting upon it and then trying to seek understanding and acceptance that we can not help it.   

Finally, one other thing that bothers me very greatly about the LGBT community is the insistence that “sexual orientation” can not change. There are more than a few examples of men and women that have overcome their tendency to live a homosexual lifestyle and are now married with  beautiful children. Does that mean that the tendencies towards homosexuality magically go away?  Absolutely not. In the same way that a person who has recovered from alcoholism is still going to have the desire to want another drink, those who have left the homosexual lifestyle to pursue a lifestyle of being straight will still have the tendencies. That however, does not mean they cannot be happy living the straight lifestyle. While I do believe that homosexuals can change, I do not claim to know the formula for how it works. Some change for faith-based reasons, while some change for a variety of other reasons. I do not think there is a set formula. All it takes is for a person to have the will to change. Frankly, if it is a lifestyle that brings so much misery as many within the LGBT community assert, I imagine there are scores of homosexuals who would have the will to change if it were not for being fed the lie that they can not change.

To sum up my basic frustration with the LGBT community, I strongly feel it is quite pathetic for anyone to define who they are by their sexuality, whether gay or straight. I refuse to allow my life’s accomplishments to be defined by my sexual lifestyle. Rather, I choose to be defined by whether or not I have helped to make this world a better place. Perhaps the LGBT community could escape much of the ridicule they constantly vent about if they could learn the same.