TV Icon Andy Griffith Dies, Michael Phelps Gets Olympic Ready, and Naomi Watts Plays Princess Diana: Pop Highlights of the Day


Today my Internet trolling lead me to some interesting places. My online highlight was watching Brad Pitt's brother sell the world some cell phones. R. Kelly made me sad when he said The Notebook caused his divorce, but I acknowledge that love will never be as pure and true as it was for Allie and Noah. I scoped out this brand color chart, and if it's right then PolicyMic's colors mean we're trustworthy and reliable. Woot! Omaha, Nebraska creeped me out when I saw this eerie Michael Pehlps statue they made. My hometown (Brooklyn!) made some headlines as the number one up-and-coming city in the USA; and in unrelated news I was excited to see the stills of Naomi Watts playing Princess Diana. I spent a while contemplating the history of the Internet, when I checked out the original You've Got Mail website. And I felt 16 again listening to Judd Apatow's life lessons, and wished his advice had been around when I was angsty and young. These amazing Andy Griffith clips let me honor the loss. 

Finally I watched this July 4th love from Lana Del Ray: