Here's the Kim Jong-un Death Sequence North Korean Hackers Didn't Want You to See

There's a phenomenon known as the Streisand effect, in which blatant attempts to hide or remove a piece of information ends up publicizing that information more widely. And that's exactly what happened with the Sony hacks.

Source: sickfuture/Tumblr
Source: Imgur

Gawker, which first previewed the clip on Monday, examined leaked emails between Rogen and Sony executives detailing the actor's frustration with the studio's repeated demands for a less graphic death scene. He might have listened: As Jordan Sargent writes, "If there was one thing that triggered the embarrassing and fascinating Sony email leak, it might have been their decision to go forward with killing [Kim] ... in the most gory way allowable."

Apparently, however, the State Department was totally cool with it.

h/t Mediaite