These Gingerbread Men Will Bring Out Your Naughty Side

This is how you turn up the spice at Christmastime. 

Leather daddy gingerbread men are for those of us who like sugar and spice, and who are both naughty and nice. Professional chef Sara Whittlesey joined the team at AdamMaleBlog to make turn the normal — or should we say, ever-so-normative — cookies into a delicious kinky dream.

What is a leather daddy? An identity affiliated with BDSM communities, a leather daddy, is often but not always an older gay or queer man who likes to sexually dominate another person, who might be known as a "sub" or "submissive."

You can make leather daddies of all persuasions decked out in a variety of leather-icing attire, whether it's full-body latex or just suspenders and a jock strap. All it takes is some black icing gel and some sugar beads:

Brian Ballard/AdamMaleBlog

So grab a cup of hot cocoa and a leather daddy gingerbread man. Then take a seat next to the fireplace, and read the BDSM version of "'Twas the Night Before Christmas." If reading isn't your thing, you could always check out the "50 Shades of Santa."

Here's to having a naughty Christmas — You deserve it!