Hackers Just Released a Huge Cache of Passwords and Credit Card Information


A hacker group claiming affiliation with Anonymous released a file on Friday allegedly containing about 13,000 passwords and username combinations for sites like Amazon, Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, along with credit card numbers and expiration dates.

The stolen account information was posted to Internet file-sharing site Ghostbin.


The Daily Dot's Aaron Sankin has compiled a comprehensive list of sites associated with the username and password leaks, including Amazon, Wal-Mart, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Hulu Plus and Dell. The file also included the accounts of a number of dating and porn sites.

Just to top it off, the group also posted a copy of the movie The Interview, making it available for pirated downloads.

Don't panic: As Business Insider notes, the odds that one of your passwords is among these 13,000 is extremely unlikely. Still, better safe than sorry: You'd better change your password now.