It Will Take You 7.5 Hours to Solve the World's Largest Rubik's Cube — If You're Lucky


Most world record-holders would love for you to see a video of their accomplishments. Kenneth Brandon presents his with a warning: "Obviously don't watch the whole thing."

That's because Brandon's record is solving history's largest Rubik's Cube, which takes seven and a half hours. Take a look:

And here's a really sped-up version, if you're one of those people too busy to watch nearly eight hours of a guy solving a puzzle:

Turns out the process for solving this behemoth is a lot like the process for solving a normal Rubik's Cube, just on a much larger scale: Solve the center, then make your way outward.

Of course, the bigger the cube the longer it takes. Brandon's cube, 17 squares by 17 squares by 17 squares, was made to order by designer Oskar Van Deventer. Those dimensions mean the cube has 66.9 quinquagintatrecentillion combinations. Yes, that's a real number.

Don't feel bad using the standard 3-inch-by-3-inch-by-3-inch cube. Or better yet, don't feel bad avoiding the puzzle altogether and sticking to video games. Some things are best left to the experts.

h/t the Verge