Herman Cain TV: Tea Party Gets Its Own Network


Former Republican presidential candidate and former CEO of Godfather's Pizza Herman Cain launched his own web television network, called CainTV July 4. The primary aim of CainTV is to appeal to the emotions of the Tea Party, and other Republicans who still have lingering questions about important issues. CainTV consists of three types of programming: Informational, Inspirational, and Entertainment, as well as blogs on various different topics. There are also short films which explore issues such as global warming. However, as a whole CainTV is meant to take a stand against what Cain believes to be “one-sided mainstream media” with the motto that “We are not stupid.”

While some liberals might argue that Herman Cain is wasting his time, there are plenty of people who think it might have a shot. As this Huffington Post article notes, the trailer for CainTV is certainly quite enticing and one can’t help but at least check out what all the fuss is about. However, is so much going on at once going to draw everyone in? Some don’t see this as anything more than Cain’s antics. Of course, Cain isn’t worried though. He knows that the people who care and were his supporters before will see what he has to offer on this new media outlet.

The question which many seem to be asking though is why now? The answer is simply to provide more information about current issues, while still trying to have fun with interesting and bizarre videos and documentaries. The fact that it is an election year and the online network launched on Independence Day is only an added bonus, especially for those frustrated with current issues such as healthcare and the economy. Among Tea Party activists and conservative groups, CainTV is sure to be a hit. For everyone else, there are plenty of other things to watch and read online.

So far, CainTV appears to have a strong following. The channel is not necessarily Hermain Cain turning towards broadcast media, as it also looks at the daily life of Americans and their personal struggles Cain TV shows Herman Cain’s business side mixed with media, which includes a multitude of subjects and ideas. It is unknown whether this launch will cause Cain to morph into the role of media personality, though likely he wants to take a personal side with his viewers without too much media input.

Clearly, Herman Cain wants you to know that you are not stupid. But, if you didn’t know that already then you make the decision of whether or not you wish to tune in.