Dark Knight Rises Encore: Christopher Nolan Should Remake James Bond Next


In 2000, director Christopher Nolan hit the mainstream with his art-house crossover hit Memento. Audiences were wowed, the movie was backwards (!), and Nolan made a mega name for himself.  In the 12 years since Memento’s release, Nolan has become one of the most highly sought after directors and writers in the business. With Inception, and now the Batman trilogy, under his belt, what should Nolan’s next project be after the trilogy’s final installment The Dark Knight Rises premieres later this month? Seemingly a man with a Midas touch, no matter what project Nolan chooses to take on next will certainly turn to box office gold. Here are five flicks that we think Nolan should reboot and bring his brilliant, dark, psychological, and thrilling touch to.

1)   James Bond

Wouldn’t Nolan be the perfect director? A criminally suave man fights crime, saves the girl, and looks fabulous? It sounds like a Nolan recipe for genius if I’ve ever heard one. Luckily, the Internet powers-that-be have given us a taste of what a Nolan James Bond might look like, and they’ve even gone through the trouble to cast it for us. Michael Fassbender anyone?


2)   The Twilight Zone

Okay, okay, I know the director for this is all squared away (shout out to you Matt Reeves), but wouldn’t our boy Nolan be just the guy? And while I'm here creating my fantasy Hollywood situation, I'm just going to offer up Ben Kingsley as the opening narrator. It just feels right. 

3)   Blade

Blade! I said, Blade! I'm so excited for Blade(!). Let's begin at the beginning. Blade is a trilogogy and we already know Christopher Nolan is a trilogy man. There's also the fact that I’m just doing whatever I can to get more Wesley Snipes in my life. Just imagine it. Wesley Snipes, a blade, a Nolan-style close-up of Wesley Snipes holding a blade. Yes please.

4)   Terminator

But just the 1984 version not the 2009 version, you guys. For this one we don't need a trilogy, I just want one mega-reunion with the exact same cast and script, but now with the new addition of Christopher Nolan. Right off the bat this may seem like more of a Michael Bay project than a Christopher Nolan job, but judging by The Dark Knight Rises trailer I know Nolan has the action directing chops. 

5)   The Matrix 

Hollywood loves remakes and you know this one will come around sooner or later. With that in mind, why don't we just preemptively load it up with the people who we know will do it right. Bring in Christopher Bale as Neo and he and Nolan will make The Matrix an even darker, and more psychological ride. Bale would bring a fire that Keanu Reeves never had, and Nolan would modernize the franchise to perfection; I also think we should throw Leonardo DiCaprio in there for good measure. I mean, do you remember how awesome this movie was? Now imagine it Nolan-ified.