'Jurassic Parks and Recreation' Mash-Up Has Andy Dwyer Saving the Day

Jurassic Parks and Recreation logo

What happens when Andy Dwyer takes a break from the life of a musician and has to fend off dinosaurs? Well, madness and hilarity.

In a mash-up from Thanks Mom Productions, Parks and Recreation gets a Jurassic World spin with Chris Pratt's doofus character, Andy Dwyer, having to fend off the prehistoric monstrosity that scientists have cooked up in their lab. Don't worry about becoming dinosaur dinner, Dwyer is here to save the day — even if he runs right into an ambulance car on the way.

The video brilliantly takes the goofiest aspects of Dwyer, like his Burt Macklin persona and tendency to invade others' personal space, and blends it with the drama of dinos running amuck. He might not be the first choice to take down a genetic abomination, but at least we can laugh while he tries. 

We're anxiously waiting for the final season of Parks (premiering on Jan. 13) and for Jurassic World to hit theaters this summer, but at least we have this mash-up with enough Pratt to hold us over until then.

h/t A.V. Club