iPhone Siri and Android Google Now in Fierce Competition: Which One Will Come Out on Top?


iPhone users are familiar with Siri, the voice activated program that helps you with anything you need. And now,  Google is launching a similar service,Google Now, available on Android phones. Which one will people choose when asking for directions or other help? Ultimately, it depends on one’s personal preference and what one feels is best suited for oneself.

A recent study, however, found that Siri is only 62% accurate on the streets and 68% accurate when in a room. Google Now, on the other hand, provided accurate results 86%  of the time in both settings. This means that Siri would be  wrong one-third of the time, though it should be noted that neither application provides 100% accuracy. However, there are some that have pointed out that Siri's popularity is declining, especially since Google Now can do most of what Siri can -- plus a lot more.

A 1,600-question test by Gizmodo, pitting Google Now and Siri against each other shows just how extensive Google Now is. As most results show, Google Now is certainly winning when it comes to understanding directions (not to mention the fact that it is right on most matters, most of the time). However, while there is no arguing that Google Now is most accurate, there are still some that choose to use Siri, if only for amusement. Yet, this makes some to wonder whether the hype of Siri has been much overstated. Previously, iPhone users were ecstatic that there would be such a program available to them which could do so much. The question is whether Siri can hold out much longer against Google Now. Some have not lost hope on Siri, though it will be interesting to see how the two compare in the days and weeks ahead.

The choice is up to you in the end, because for some people it is a matter of personal choice. Just don’t get lost along the way.