Seth Myers Should Not Leave SNL Weekend Update to Join Live With Kelly Ripa


It will be a sad day for America when Seth Meyers decides to shut down his shop at 30 Rock to join some ladies’ morning show in network television.

And, unfortunately, that seems a likely possibility as Meyers – who has been co-hosting Live! with Kelly as an intermittent guest – will start a five-day hosting stint (that everybody thinks is an extended audition to permanently replace Regis Phillips).   

Hopefully, one of the other two runner ups -- former New York Giant Michael Strahan and singer Josh Groban -- are selected instead of Myers. Or else, who is going to replace Myers as the famous anchor of SNL's wacky news show? Don’t you soulless TV executives know that I was  heartbroken enough with both Tina Few and Amy Poheler's departures? (And don’t tell me Meyers could descend from his new respectable position as morning host to come back every here and there and interact with Stefon -- it won’t be enough).

However, there is still hope -- or at least some time left for disillusioned Weekend Update fans to collect signatures, boycott Kelly Ripa or do something else to prevent the funniest dork in television from leaving SNL. The new season of Live! begins in September, and it's widely believed the new host will be selected by then.

So, let's organize to try to prevent the gentrification of politically incorrect midnight television humor and propose instead that any of the other potential replacements (Rob Thomas, Anderson Cooper, anybody!) takes the job. Join me in this noble cause.