How Bad Is France's Anti-Muslim Backlash to the 'Charlie Hebdo' Attack? Check This Map


On Sunday, millions of French citizens peacefully marched through the streets of Paris in solidarity with Charlie Hebdo, the satirical magazine attacked by Islamic extremists last week, in what French officials have described as the largest demonstration in the country's history.


The majority of the attacks targeted mosques and other Islamic prayer centers throughout France, including:

— Three blank grenades exploded inside of a mosque in the city of Le Mans, west of Paris. One window also took a bullet.

— Near Narbonne, in the Port-la-Nouvelle district, several shots were fired in the direction of a Muslim prayer hall shortly after evening prayers. The hall was empty, the local prosecutor said.

— The head and entrails of a boar were left outside of an Islamic prayer center in Corsica, along with a note: "Next time it will be one of your heads."

Hussein Malla/AP

It's an all-too-familiar story, especially for observers in the U.S. In America, hate crimes traditionally spike whenever there's a criminal or terrorist incident involving Muslims. Sometimes this reaction occurs over something so innocuous as debating the placement of a mosque in New York City (which isn't even a mosque).