3 Perfect Charts Demonstrate the Upside to Turning 30


Very few people are excited to turn 30. But when it comes right down to it, your 30s have one very clear upside: You can finally do whatever the hell you want. 

Sure, you have to do lots of daily activities you'd prefer not to, like paying bills, making big career choices and attending approximately 174 weddings per summer. But for your most important life choices, you start doing things just because you actually want to after 30 years on Earth.

After all, science has found that by 30, we settle into our own identities more comfortably, generally becoming more introverted, more conscientious and more stable. Our brains are also better quipped to make mature decisions — which means we choose based on what is truly good for us, not what the cool kids are choosing or what society (or our mothers) might demand we choose. 

In short, 30 and onward can be exciting because it means getting to finally do as you damn well please. These three charts from The Bold Italic sum up the sentiment quite nicely.

Spend your time how you want.

Buy the things you want, wear the things you want and care as much as you want.

And for God's sake, watch whatever you want.

See more on-point charts about hitting the big 3-0 at The Bold Italic in a story by Cecilia Rabess, illustrated by Jessica Saia.