Extreme Heat Wave: 10 Weather Inspired Short Poems for a Very Hot Weekend


They say that aspiring poets should write what they know. If there’s anything I know, it’s that this recent heat wave is an event unlike any I’ve ever seen. 

In honor of the record-breaking temperatures, I thought I’d write 10 Haikus about the weather. Because let’s get real: it’s too hot to read a longer poem.


From bath salt zombies

To cataclysmic heat waves:

Apocalypse now?


Burn greenhouse gases

And I guess we all burn too.

We should have listened.


Baby elephants

Look so happy in water.

I'm getting ice cream!


This was caused by a

“heat dome,” or Upper-

Level High Pressure system.


Winter Is Coming?

Whatever you say, House Stark.

(Game of Thrones reference).


Over 2,000

Records broken in 5 days.

3,000 in June.


So the 1%

Can chill on floating islands?

Occupy Ocean.


“Have you read 50

Shades of Grey? It’s so—“ “Hey! Did

Somebody say shade?”


Seriously though.

How can it possibly be

So freaking hot out?


USA Today

Writes: temps will drop by Sunday.

Only one more day!