This Newspaper Trolled the Oscars in the Best Way Possible


Behold, the front page of the Jan. 16 edition of the Oakland Tribune: 


Nailed it. The newspaper took a high-profile jab at this year's Oscar nominations, which were the whitest in 19 years. It's not an original angle — the glaring lack of diversity in this year's selections has been documented far and wide — but the Oakland Tribune's story gets to the point with the perfect amount of snark and sass. 

By juxtaposing the headshots of the (white) acting nominees with an image from the movie Selma, the paper immediately pulled the problem into sharp focus. The headline — "And the Oscar for best Caucasian goes to..." — ties the whole thing together with a bang. 

Twitter, which was quick to call out the lack of diversity as soon as news of the nominations broke, applauded the decision:

Bravo, Oakland Tribune.