50 Shades of Grey Movie: Ryan Gosling and 20 Other Guys Who Could Be Christian Grey


Most armchair casting experts have already picked Ryan Gosling, 31, Vampire Diaries Ian Somerhalder, 31, or the new Superman, Henry Cavill, 29, to portray Christian Grey in the film version of E.L. James' hot romantic trilogy. Playing the guessing game could not be more fun, as nearly all of Hollywood's hottest stars have the required sex appeal and more. 

Christian Grey is 27 in the novels. Here are 20 other potential Greys listed by age, and a few other dark horse candidates to spark your imagination.

28-year old Andrew Garfield

The new Spiderman has the copper hair described in the books, but might be too slim, wiry and boyish to be convincing.

28-year old Chris Hemsworth

Few would argue that Chris Hemsworth isn't gorgeous, but Hemsworth's charm might not fit the Christian Grey edge. Hemsworth is reportedly shy about the BDSM content, and has done a few unconvincing line readings.

30-year old Ben Barnes

Narnia's Prince Caspian is all grown-up, dangerously handsome, and may have the right edge for the part. In 2009, he played fatally-flawed Dorian Grey in a British version of Oscar Wilde's classic story.

30-year old Jamie Dornan

The Irish actor is best-known to American audiences as Sheriff Graham in ABC's fantasy series Once Upon a Time, and Kirsten Dunst's love interest in Marie Antoinette.

30-year old Chad Michael Murray

One Tree Hill's heartthrob has grown up, and the former model has a smouldering look that might be right for Grey.

31-year old Justin Timberlake

He can sing, he can dance, and he can act! The man who brought sexy back also looks great in a suit.

31-year old Chris Pine

The crazy handsome Star Trek reboot star hasn't read the books, and told Jay Leno he wouldn't play Christian Grey, but changed his mind two days later.

31-year old Chris Evans

Captain America's clean-cut hero image may get in the way of convincing audiences he's dark, complex Christian Grey, but no one is going to mind him taking his shirt off.

33-year old James McAvoy

The Scottish actor's sophisticated manner, huge, expressive eyes and thick, copper-tinged hair may be enough to overcome the fact he is only 5'7".

34-year old Matt Bomer

Most fans of USA Network's White Collar will agree that the man who plays con-man/sophisticate Neil Caffrey could easily play multi-billionaire Grey, and after his turn in Magic Mike, audiences will be eager to see him in and out of a business suit.

34-year old Jensen Ackles

Fans of the CW series Supernatural have crushed on Ackles and his TV brother Jared Padalecki for years. Ackles has a wry, self-deprecating sense of humor, but his gorgeous looks and explosive acting ability could make a hot Christian Grey.

34-year old Joshua Jackson

The hot Canadian first made hearts beat faster on Dawson's Creek, and is currently Peter Bishop on sci-fi thriller Fringe. Smart, cynical Jackson would excel in portraying the intellectual side of Christian Grey.

35-year old Alexander Skarsgard

True Blood star Skarsgård has said he was "born to play Christian Grey." He has shown vulnerability and smouldering sensuality as vampire Eric Northman.

35-year old Ryan Reynolds

The part calls for handsome, sexy, and impossible to resist. Any questions?

35-year old Michael Fassbender

The brilliant Irish-German actor is tall, gorgeous, and can play any role to perfection, but is probably too mature for the role. 

36-year old Colin Farrell

For a sex symbol, Irish bad-boy Farrell has played a lot of non-sexy roles. He would make a complex, challenging Christian Grey.

37-year old Leonardo DiCaprio

He's played a mentally-challenged boy, a doomed, penniless heartthrob, a con man with a charmed life, Howard Hughes, and J. Edgar Hoover. He can handle Christian Grey.

38-year old Christian Bale

Many familiar with Bale's iconic role as Patrick Bateman in American Psycho pictured young Christian Bale while reading Shades of Grey. Bale probably has other engagements, but he would be dangerous in the role.

38-year old Jason Behr

Best known for TV's Roswell and co-starring in the American version of The Grudge, Behr looks much younger than his age and has the classic great looks to portray Christian Grey.

38-year old James Marsden

The nice guy with the laser-blast vision from X-Men is a former Versace model and looks smoking hot in or out of a business suit.

Two men who are a little old and rugged looking to portray Christian Grey could still be great candidates for a later version of Grey and Ana's adventures. Mark Wahlberg, 41, and Ben Affleck, 39, are both sexy enough to set screens on fire.

On the other end of the age spectrum, Alex Pettyfer, 22, has been mentioned as Christian Grey, but fans might just have Magic Mike fresh in their imagination, because he seems a little young to portray a convincing Grey. Magic Mike himself, Channing Tatum, is some fans' favorite for the role of Christian Grey, but it will be hard for him to overcome his easygoing, good-natured image. 

The ultimate casting against type for Christian Grey might be an actor fans continue to mention: 24 year old Tom Felton, best-known as Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films. The bad little boy has lost his platinum locks, is all grown up, and looks hot enough to start fires in the halls of Hogwarts without even trying