In One Unscripted Sentence, President Obama Just Burned the Entire GOP


With eight words Tuesday night, President Barack Obama silenced the entire Republican Congress.

When the GOP seized control of both chambers of Congress during the November elections, the president's critics gleefully declared his second and final term a lost cause. But in the weeks since Election Day, Obama has successfully flipped the script, taking unilateral action to save millions of immigrants from deportation and announcing plans to renew diplomatic ties with Castro's Cuba.

The GOP has been left to go ahead planning how to capitalize on its new majority and, on this night, deliver a sarcastic cheer when in his State of the Union speech, Obama said, "I have no more campaigns to run."

The president paused, as if he knew it was coming, then quieted the entire Republican delegation with one simple line: "I know — because I won both of them."


Watch the instant classic burn here:

Republicans and conservative pundits on social media immediately responded where the politicians in the chamber could not, calling Obama's snarky rejoinder "unbecoming" or suggesting it showed he lacked in class or substantive arguments.

Democrats, though, just really loved it:

Obama, 1. GOP, 0.