DNSChanger Malware Monday: 7 Things We Do During an Internet Blackout


Doomsday is finally here, the day when the FBI stops providing temporary servers to computers infected with a malicious virus over a year ago -- that otherwise would have been left unable to go online for this long without a fix.

And, while the fix is pretty easy (and should have been executed long time ago, to begin with) some may find today unable to go online for a couple of hours. And, whether you’re at work, school or home, this could lead to the awkward moment of actually having to interact with people in real life.

Here’s a list of things we do (and things we should do) every time we suffer an internet blackout:

1. What We Should Do: Go outside, sit on a bench at the park, people watch.

What We Do: Repeatedly click “refresh.” 

2. What We Should Do: Go for a bike ride.

What We Do: Call and yell at the internet provider.

3. What We Should Do: Read a book, outside. 

What We Do: Go online with our phone and consume the battery in 2 hours.

4. What We Should Do: Have an actual conversation.

What We Do: Reset, unplug and re-plug the modem.

5. What We Should Do: Write and send someone a handwritten note.

What We Do: Have a meltdown (and a fight) at the office.

6. What We Should Do: Draw a cartoon.

What We Do: Suffer a nervous breakdown over not being able to check Reddit every 5 minutes. 

7. What We Should Do: Exercise.

What We Do: Succumb to Desperation.