Romney Raises $106 Million in June, Showing He Will Dominate Obama in November


Mitt Romney and the RNC have outraised President Obama for the second month in a row. This morning, the tallies from both camps came in, showing that the GOP hopeful has raised an astonishing $106 million

President Obama and the DNC on the other hand raised $71 million. If this trend keeps up, it will be increasingly difficult for Obama to keep up not only with the oncoming advertising blitz, but with the image that the American public is increasingly dissastisified with him.

Many people were wondering if Mitt Romney would be able to compete with the well-funded president. Some expected him to go into the general election fight lazily, especially since he enjoyed such a significant advantage over his GOP primary opponents. Few believed he would match, let alone give President Obama a good "run for his money" two months in a row.

Few in the mainstream media are reporting the news with glee. Many are focusing on new polls that show Obama leading Romney 47%-45% in several swing states, a statistical tie. Others are turning their attention to the rag-tag group of protestors that attempted to crash a Romney fundraiser in the Hamptons. 

Boy, the media sure does hate it when someone beats up on their boyfriend Barack, don't they?

Anyone that has ever watched American politics for more than a nanosecond will know that between now and November 6th, a great deal will unfold. Romney will continue to surge, Obama will continue to rebound. Anything can happen. The Obama camp however did send out an e-mail to subscribers asking for increased donations. This is an increasingly troublesome pattern, especially after it was reported last week that President Obama begged donors to open up their wallets more.

The reports also showed that perhaps Romney's friends include more than just the super rich. Ninty-four percent of his June donations in the amount of $250 or less; 563,729 people in all contributed small amounts. That is quite an impressive amount of small donors for a Republican. Romney and the RNC now have a total of $160 million on hand, ready to roll, and they'll need every penny of it.

President Obama's strategy has become abundantly clear. The man who unleashed a substantial amont of negative ads in 2008 will no doubt continue with what brought him to the dance. Once again, Mr. Hope-n-Change will implement slash-n-burn. He will also no doubt contine throwing curveballs at Governor Romney, like his executive order to stop deporting younger illegals. While some people want to believe that the presidents bleeding heart really is that big, a more pragmatic individual might conclude that he is simply trying to keep Romney from talking about the economy.

Presdient Obama has a lot of hurdles in his path. Obamacare is still unpopular. Recent polls have shown that more believe that Governor Romney is better capable of fixing the economy. Others have shown that most in the U.S. believe that President Obama has changed the country, for the worse. When coupled with the poor economic and unemployment figures for June showing a slowing recovery, it becomes increasingly obvious that Obama may not enjoy as much of a championship advantage as was previously estimated.

Come convention time, both candidates will lay out more detailed plans solidifying their visions for America. However, if the fundraising gap continues, Obama could find himself unable to spread his message as far as Romney can. Romney has already proven that while he is not perfect, he's no John McCain. Republicans were disgusted last time as McCain layed down and took his beating, refusing to go negative. Romney on the other hand has been quite to refute claims from Obama, such as Obama's recent ad falsely claiming that Romney is against abortion in cases of rape and incest

Those wondering why Romney has not gone more on the attack should remember that by law, until he becomes the nominee at the convention, he can only spend primary money. After the convention, all hell with break loose.

Buckle up boys and girls, this one is going to get ugly. When it comes to preparing for the general election, perhaps Samuel L. Jackson said it best in Jurassic Park.