SNL's Hilarious 'Bachelor' Spoof Might Actually Be Better Than the Real Thing


After 19 seasons of love, heartbreak, roses and "real moments," The Bachelor and The Bachelorette have become a bit predictable and formulaic, so it's no wonder Saturday Night Live was able to perfectly nail this hilarious sketch about the fictional reality dating show, Farm Hunk. In fact, all of the jokes during this sketch from Saturday night were so spot on, that this might even be better than the actual show itself. 

Take a look:

From the girls constantly butting in on each other to the amazingly inane conversations (if you can even call them that), it's hard to argue that The Bachelor hasn't gotten a bit repetitive over the years. Nevertheless, the SNL cast definitely hit a few home runs in this one. 

"There are so many beautiful women here, but tonight I have to send one of them home. Probably the two black girls, plus one of the curly-haired ones," host Blake Shelton said as Ryan Coles, an Iowa farmer. 

As each girl spends a bit of "alone time" with the Farm Hunk himself, a few trends start emerging ... like a shared interest in porn:

Or then there are lines like "So, tell me about you, like what kind of farmer are you? Do you make grass, or do you, like, make beans?" and this kind of interaction:

"I have a gift for you because I heard that you like Italian food."

Plus, anything that results in an on-air moment like this is always a good bet:

So feel free to go back to watching the real Bachelor, but after Farm Hunk, it probably just won't be the same.