13 Perfectly Honest Valentine's Day Cards That Are as Thirsty as You Are

A close-up of overlapping feet of a man and a woman on Valentine's Day

Being in a relationship has some beautiful benefits, from getting to see the world from another person's perspective to having a supportive shoulder to cry on. Also, sex.

Let's be frank: There's not much that compares to some good old-fashioned consensual adult fun. And while most Valentine's Day tropes (not to mention romantic comedies, romance novels and New York Times relationship stories) tend to focus on the other great parts of coupledom, it's worth remembering how important sex is.

And we're not afraid to admit it. Plenty of young people, contrary to popular opinion, still date casuallyeventually want to get married and might even like the traditions behind Valentine's Day. But the so-called "Millennial" generation is also wonderfully, weirdly, beautifully honest about sex. We crave physical intimacy, we strive to be candid about our emotional and sexual needs, and we're the ones who have brought the term "sex positive" to life.

So it's only fair that we have honest cards to match our honest nature:

Etsy SpellingBeeCards
Etsy NewtonAndtheApple
Etsy RowHouse14
Etsy SilviaVeronica
Etsy FlyTrapOnE
Etsy RowHouse14
Etsy JulieAnnArt
Etsy FlyTrapOnE
Etsy NaughtyLittleCards
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Etsy LittleSloth
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Etsy SpellingBeeCards

Go ahead: Tell your S.O. how you really feel this Valentine's Day.