This Website Lets You Mold Your Tweets Into Strange, Beautiful Poetry


Are your random tweets poetry? No — but they could be.

That's the idea behind Poetweet, a delightful new website that scans your recent 140-character missives and transforms them into one of three poetic forms: A sonnet, rondel or an indriso. Each line comes with a link the the original tweet as well.

The results are exactly as you'd expect: Totally absurd, yet strangely beautiful. I tested my own Twitter handle first:

"[Andrew] Sullivan is retiring from blogging/Also James Franco is terrible" is an oddly close representation of my humor. "Mother nature is my lube," well, I don't really know what happened there.

But the best results of Poetweet don't necessarily comes from your own feed, though — running the Twitter handles of celebrities yields odd results. 

Here's one for Taylor Swift:

And Justin Bieber:

The Barack Obama one is priceless:

Egads. For a palette cleanser, here's the New York Times: