Kanye West Just Premiered His New Video, and It's Incredibly Touching


Last night, Kanye West appeared on Ellen and debuted a snippet of the new video for his song with Paul McCartney, "Only One." It's made entirely of footage of him and his daughter walking alone in the rain. It's serene and touching, a far cry from any of the venomous music or videos he released for Yeezus.

You can watch a snippet from Ellen below, and view the whole thing over here.

The snippet, directed by Spike Jonze, portrays a tranquil and protective Kanye, walking with his daughter and covering her head to protect her from the rain. It's difficult to think this is the same Kanye who, just two years ago, told us all he was a god and that we should essentially all go fuck ourselves if we didn't believe him.

He admitted that he feels like a different Kanye in the short interview with Ellen DeGeneres that preceded the world premiere clip. "I think I'm a better human being because of [Kim] and because of my daughter," he told her.

DeGeneres agreed: "I do see that change in you. You are calmer, I think. You don't seem like, angry. ... And I don't even know if it was anger. It was just the way you were getting all of your emotions out. Now your emotions seem grounded in a way and come out in a way that you said: in protection and love."

Anyone who listened to Yeezus knows that anger. Last time Kanye was on Ellen, it was to premiere the oft-mocked video for "Bound 2." That video, with its scenes of him riding his motorcycle through mountain ranges with his naked wife at the helm, came off as intentionally and ironically kitschy. That was what Kanye claimed he was going for.

It was supposed to be the "personal" Kanye video. But "Only One" seems so much more honest. And it's a joy to hear his music returning to the beautiful, soulful sounds of his early works like "Hey Mama" and "Good Life."

Kanye hasn't mentioned when his next album will drop or what it will be called. He says he's still trying to come up with words to capture the "vibe," since it's so new. But whatever it is will be a welcome return. If Yeezus was a cruel god, the new Kanye is only a loving human. 

h/t Complex