America's Got Talent Winners: Aurora Light Painters and Turf Are Top Contestants to Watch


More than just a family-friendly show, the ever-popular summertime hit America’s Got Talent (AGT) has given us such gems as the angelic Jackie Evancho, ventriloquist and Las Vegas headliner Terry Fator and of course, the unforgettable Prince Poppycock. Unlike many of the other talent competitions that focus solely on singing or dancing, AGT features all kinds of talent – from tap dancing toddlers to rapping grannies, and everything in between. Tuesday night, 12 more optimistic contestants will perform in the semi-finals round in hopes of getting America’s votes and winning the grand prize of $1 million and an act in Vegas. But who’s really got talent? Here’s a run rundown of tonight's top contestants worth watching and voting for:

1. Turf  - Dancing Contortionist

Dancing since he could move, Turf has been competing on the streetsfor the past four years. That kind of practice might give him the edge he needs to stay focused in the competition. Plus, his cring-inducing performances have been known to bring audience members (and judges) to their feet.

2. Donovan and Rebecca – Acrobatics

It might just be me, but I think it’s incredibly impressive to watch a petite woman lift a heavily-biceped man while dropping into splits. If that little feat is not your thing, the duo still manage to make acrobatics look cool and sexy.  

3. Aurora Light Painters

It is arguable that this group is no more talented than your average street artists, but watching their light creations come alive on stage to the tune of catchy electro-pop makes them a memorable act.

4. All That – Clogging

I’m not sure what the difference between clogging and tap dancing is, but this group is entertaining either way. The group members have been in the game for while, competing with (and against) each other for over 14 years and it shows. There is a noticeably smooth finesse to all their moves.