Ron Paul VP 2012: Pros and Cons For Ron Paul Nation


The pros and cons of a Ron Paul vice presidential bid. 

Pro: Someone on the GOP ticket would actually be in favor of small government.

This is one thing I have never understood about many Republicans over the last several years: they love talking throwing around “limited government,” yet support the Patriot Act, CISPAwars in the Middle East, the War on Drugs. Huh? “Small government” seems to take a back seat when it conflicts with other issues of magnitude. If one wants a secure nation with a powerful military, one cannot also say they want spending cuts and small government. As Americans, we cannot have our cake and eat it too. Ron Paul sticks to what he believes (and perhaps more importantly, believes what he says)  instead of swaying with political winds.

Con: Even if the GOP won the White House, Ron Paul would not have much clout.

Vice Presidents have the power to break a tie in the Senate, but factoring in the prevalence of filibuster, tie-breaking votes are becoming obsolete. The VP is also first in line if anything happens (death, illness, impeachment and conviction) to the president. But is that usually a deciding factor in whom to vote for? Correction, the prospect of Sarah Palin making executive decisions scares one far more than the best Saw movie (Saw I, without a doubt). But seriously, the VP’s main occupation is advising the President. Would Romney truly value Paul’s perspective? Or would Romney only put him on the ticket for the libertarian vote--a sizable portion of independents? Which brings me to my next point…

Pro: Ron Paul would get voters to the polls!

As much as liberals that love to hate Romney (that is politics, isn’t it?), libertarians rarely miss a chance to point out Romney’s inconsistencies. Seeing Ron Paul as Romney’s running mate would help remove some fears some conservatives have about Romney. Selecting Ron Paul as a running mate would draw national publicity to his libertarian platform and to an extent, legitimize it. This could be reason enough for some to vote Republican. Ron Paul supporters are generally a passionate bunch.

Con: Ron Paul would draw fire from within.

It is obvious unless you have not been connected to society the past several years, but political ideology clashing and bashing has reached astonishing heights. Ron Paul would hear criticism from others in the Republican Party who walk more neoconservative lines. Ron Paul’s VP nomination also might disengage some of Romney’s larger fundraisers. Further indecisiveness and political stubbornness is not what the United States needs.