'SNL' Spoofed the Sexist Stereotypes in Super Bowl Ads — And the Results Are Hilarious


There's something a bit unsettling when a Saturday Night Live parody commercial is so good, it could almost pass for a real ad. 

This time, SNL took aim at those generic snack-food ads in which a dutiful wife surreptitiously appears with a plate of hot snacks to feed her "hungry guys" watching "the big game" and then disappears into the kitchen. The premise is sexist enough, but SNL kicked it up a notch on Saturday night by looking at what happens in this already bizarre situation after the "hungry guys" have their snacks.

Take a look:

"My hungry guys aren't the only ones having fun today. With my Super Bowl Activity Pack for Women, I can spin a top, connect the dots — Oh, look, it's a little bee! Do a word search — 'hat'! I found 'hat'! — count my own money and plenty of other activities I can drop at a moment's notice."

You know, because women are only interested in menial activities and never want to watch sports, right!?


Since the Super Bowl is so event riddled with sexist advertising, it's refreshing to see SNL call a spade a spade and produce this hilarious and bitting sketch. Well done.