'SNL' Spoofed the Sexist Stereotypes in Super Bowl Ads — And the Results Are Hilarious

There's something a bit unsettling when a Saturday Night Live parody commercial is so good, it could almost pass for a real ad. 

This time, SNL took aim at those generic snack-food ads in which a dutiful wife surreptitiously appears with a plate of hot snacks to feed her "hungry guys" watching "the big game" and then disappears into the kitchen. The premise is sexist enough, but SNL kicked it up a notch on Saturday night by looking at what happens in this already bizarre situation after the "hungry guys" have their snacks.

Take a look:

"My hungry guys aren't the only ones having fun today. With my Super Bowl Activity Pack for Women, I can spin a top, connect the dots — Oh, look, it's a little bee! Do a word search — 'hat'! I found 'hat'! — count my own money and plenty of other activities I can drop at a moment's notice."

You know, because women are only interested in menial activities and never want to watch sports, right!?

Source: Mic/YouTube

Since the Super Bowl is so event riddled with sexist advertising, it's refreshing to see SNL call a spade a spade and produce this hilarious and bitting sketch. Well done.