Which Beer Is Your State Drinking During the Super Bowl? Check This Map


During this year's Super Bowl, the average American viewer will consume roughly 1,200 calories during the game, while Californians will put away a whopping 35 billion calories in total. A lot of this will be coming from the 30 million pounds of snack food we consume and probably just as much in the form of ice cold beer — about 325.5 million gallons worth of it.

And with all that beer-drinking going on during the Super Bowl, here's a state-by-state breakdown of which states prefer which beer. As it turns out, the number one seller in terms of total states is Blue Moon.


Compiled through a nonscientific survey of 5,249 Americans by hang over-deterrent company Blowfish, a couple of things are immediately obvious in this map:

1. Americans love Bud Light and Blue Moon.

2. Americans really only love seven beers.

3. In general, Americans prefer light beers.

But with 18 states, Blue Moon, brewed by the Colorado-based Blue Moon Brewing Co. since 1995, is America's top choice. Of course, that's just by total states — Blue Moon might have a plurality, but not necessarily a majority. Texas, for example, with its 26.45 million residents, is a Bud Light state, and California, with its 38.8 million, goes to Corona Light. 

h/t Vox