Here's What Valentines Would Look Like if They Celebrated What We Really Love


If Valentine's Day celebrated what really made us happy...

... then Valentine's Day cards would focus one very important person: ourselves.  

It's not that romantic relationships and all that lovey-dovey stuff is inherently bad, of course; being in a relationship can be great

But all those bouquets and chocolate hearts have an insidious way of making those flying solo question their own happiness. In doing so, we all end up overlooking a simple truth: So much of what makes us happy has nothing to do with other people. 

It's the little things we do for ourselves, from a glass of wine to a really good book (er, or a Netflix binge). You know, the acts of self-love that get us through the day, and not only in February. 

Our happiness isn't inherently tied to other people, and these awesome V-Day cards, exclusive artwork created for Mic by Mady G.are the perfect reminder.

All images courtesy of Mady G for Mic.