Elizabeth Warren Fundraising Strong Despite Native American Gaffe

ByLawrence Sampson

Elizabeth Warren has weathered an identity storm and is surging. Her fundraising is exceeding expectations, and polls are reflecting this. Her previous quarter fundraising total was $6.9 million. The just concluded quarter exceeded that by $1.7 million for a total haul of about $8.6 million, a 20% increase. Totals for her election rival have not been announced but the previous quarter fundraising had dwarfed Warren’s, with the Brown campaign finishing at just under $12 million. Specifics about in state versus out of state donations will not be released for several weeks but it is known that 80% of the Democratic donors have been at $50 or less.

This indicates the Warren campaign has connected with middle and lower class voters, who are responding with their wallet to whatever degree they can. Despite a two to one disadvantage in money, her down-to-earth style and ability to connect with everyone from housewives to policy wonks is showing. A former Harvard professor, Warren is no intellectual dwarf but she does not come across as elitist. Still, with more money and a well run campaign, Senator Scott Brown is close in the polls, although once he had a double digit lead. Most organizations show one candidate or the other leading by a single percentage point.

All of this shows the negative publicity surrounding Warren’s claims of Native American-ness has not hurt her campaign. Brown has filled the airwaves and attempted to make hay out of her claims of Cherokee ancestry. Documentable or not. it is anecdotal that around half of the country claims or believes in some sort of American Indian ancestry, however far removed. If Warren’s claims ever advanced her professional career is not known and this story does not seem to have gained much traction with voters. It does however illustrate how much money Brown has to burn.

The Massachusetts campaign has already been one of the most expensive on record with nearly three months to go. Scott Brown, it is widely believed has the support of the Wall Street crowd and wealthier donors, which will allow him to carpet bomb the airwaves as the election grows closer. Warren will have to keep up the handshakes and public appearances if she hopes to overcome what some are calling the era of purchased elections.