Katie Holmes Divorce Was No Accident


The epic battle between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes has come to an end, as the two have finally come to very detailed and very private divorce settlement, making them the latest addition to the long list of infamous celebrity breakups. Anyone that followed TomKat through their seven-year relationship could see the signs that pointed to their inevitable divorce – he called her Kate while everyone else (family and close friends included) called her Katie, Tom is a scientologist, and she is (or at least, was) a normal human being. However, did anyone else notice how their split “just happened” to coincide with the release of Cruise’s new film, Rock of Ages? The film was released on June 15, while the announcement of their divorce was made only two weeks later on June 29, right in the midst of Cruise’s media tour for the film. Holmes, on the other hand, has been in the spotlight even more than her highly-photographed daughter, Suri. As the media coverage continues, all this additional media attention will give her ample chances to talk about her many upcoming projects.

As painful and emotional as divorce is, when it comes to failed celebrity relationships, one thing remains true: When hot, superstar couple unions end, the two stars shine even brighter independently than they did when they were together.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are not the first two celebrities to profit from this phenomenon. Just looking at the divorces that have taken place over the past year – Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, Katy Perry and Russell Brand, Kim Kardashian and what’s-his-name – at least one half of the partnership (particularly the female side) skyrocketed to more fame after leaving the love of their life. Lopez came back better than ever, dropping a new single, becoming a judge on American Idol, and even getting a hot boy-toy of her own. The same thing goes for Perry, who after separating from British bad-boy comedian, Russell Brand, became the first female artist to have five #1 singles from the same album in addition to her sold-out concerts and her very own movie that premiered this month. Even Kardashian, who was already famous for not being famous, managed to get more famous for spending millions of dollars on a wedding that took longer to plan than the actual marriage (72 days of marriage < three months of planning).

Despite the “irreparable damage” that may have caused these splits, it is truly commendable that the stars still find a way to make it through. No doubt divorce can be incredibly devastating for all parties involved. The battlefield may be soaked with tears, but at least we can take comfort in knowing our favorite celebs are crying all way to the bank.