Adam Levine and Gwen Stefani’s Grammy Performance Was Basically an Ad for "The Voice"


Just when we were starting to think Adam Levine wasn't a total douche, he and Gwen Stefani served up a steaming pile of shameless self-promotion. 

The duo, who are judges on NBC's The Voice, performed Maroon 5's "My Heart Is Open" at the Grammys together, in what was clearly an advertisement for their TV show. 

This was the first time the two musicians have ever performed together on stage, and it's too bad it had to be for such a weird gig.

If The Voice wasn't so hell-bent on promoting its judges instead of its performers, perhaps the Grammy performance wouldn't be so egregious. But can you name a single successful vocalist to come out of the singing competition? Probably not. (Why CBS would let an NBC show steal its thunder is another question entirely.) 

No Doubt's "Don't Speak" came out 20 years ago, back when Stefani still had some kickass left in here. We can only imagine what No Doubt-era Stefani would say if she could see herself now. It'd probably go something like this: